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Valeria Mukhanova's protection

We start publishing protection of diplomas of PR-specialists

Mukhanova V.D.

scientific director: Miroshnichenko G.A.

Photoreport from the protection of diplomas. 11\05, 12\05, 14\05

We hope you will remember these days,

as one of the best memories in my life!

MEFI-2012. the film "Love me"


Daria Bozhenova, Olga Rogacheva,

 Xenia Kirillina, Adelya Shamshutdinova,

Catherine Lysuha, Christina Dizhinar, Munise Rahimova

MEFI-2012. the film-prizewinner ''Living in Russia''


Alyona Hlybova, Yulia Chirenko,

Maya Zarudnaya, Davaadorj Ganbaatar

The film about Lomko Y.A.,dedicated to the 65th anniversary of victory.

We offer you a film about breaking Yakov Alekseevich,

shot to the 65th anniversary of the victory.

Years pass, but he does not change.

Yakov Alekseevich Lomko (born November 13, 1917),

Soviet and Russian social activist, journalist and head of the joint editorial of the newspaper "Moscow News" (1960 - 1980), a veteran of World War II.

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Invitation to participate in the conference!

Dear lecturers, postgraduates and students!

State higher education institution "Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Pedagogical State University> named after Grigory Skovoroda," Junior Organization "Independent Association of Youth" and Student Scientific Society of the History Department "the Committee Research of history and modernity"

Inform you that from 26 to 28 May 2012 IS held IІ International Scientific and Practical Internet-Conference "Problems and prospects of development of science at the beginning of the third millennium in the CIS."



"TV journalism" for the first half of semester. (Associate Professor GEGELOVA N.S.)